Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Lift Weights to {L O S E} Weight

Weight training helps to promote {fat loss}and is arguably even more important than aerobics in long-term weight management. You see, muscle is metabolically active tissue. For each pound of muscle that you gain, your body burns an additional 50 calories a day at rest. Thus, by putting on a mere five pounds of muscle (something that a novice trainee can accomplish in a few months), you'll burn an additional {250} calories a day, even while lying on your couch reading a book. Better yet, most of the resting energy is derived from fat, so you ultimately will tap into those hard to-reduce areas.

I would rather gain five pounds of muscle that is smaller and works for me than gain 5 useless pounds of fat. 
People tend to restrict their caloric intake while trying to lose weight. But this causes the body to eneter a starvation mode and begin to catabolize  {break down} muscle tissue for fuel. If you neglect weight training, your metabloism will begin to slow down from the loss of muscle. this produces a rebound effect after you no longer restrict your calorie intake, and you ultimately can gain back even more weight than you lost by dieting.
Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders Lifting Weights
We all know how they look...

Additional Reasons to LIFT WEIGHTS:
1. You will have stronger bones- lifting weights increases bone density and reduces the risk of osteoporosis.
2. Reduce the risk of disease- such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, risk of stroke, risk of heart attack
3. You will be physically stronger- umm duh.
4. Good for the brain- can improve short and long term memory and increase productivity
5. Dealing with stress and improve mood-  hello {Endorphins} (make you feel exhilarated and happy and block the feeling of pain
6. Change the shape of your body- giving you long, lean,  "toned" muscles
7. Speed up the metabolism- burning calories at rest

1. Always exercise certain group of muscles- do not try to do a full body work everyday. allow you muscles 24+ hour rest time depending on intensity and strain on muscles. Giving your body rest time is crucial in developing lean muscle.
2. Work your way up in weights- start with light weights. do not rush to heavy ones. choose a weight that fatigues you at you 12th repetition.  once you can do at least 15 repetitions with the same weight with out any problems, increase the weight a little.
3. Breath properly- BREATHE people. for all that is holy BREATHE. Inhale when lowering weight and exhale  when lifting weight.
4. Use proper form- please you proper form. if you are unaware how to do something ASK or look it up.

If you have {ANY} questions about lifting weights P L E A S E  ask me or email me at

You need a well balance plan to maximizes your results. 

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